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Norin Hearing Services has been a family owned and operated hearing practice since 1964. Our purpose has always remained the same: To provide efficient, comprehensive services to individuals with hearing loss and to the professional community.

Our scope of services include, but is not limited to:

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What to Expect

Every step we take is to properly identify particular patient conditions, listening challenges, general listening environments, and desired outcomes.

Hearing Evaluation

It's our philosophy to give our patients the best quality care with the latest technology. Norin Hearing Services uses state-of-the-art technology and can assess several conditions in addition to hearing loss including earwax, scar tissue, infections, and perforations.

We produce the standard hearing evaluation based on air and bone conduction threshold testing and appropriate speech tests and we always follow up with a real life demonstration of amplification if the evaluation results indicate a need. It's a matter of policy with us to give a prospective hearing aid user an idea of the benefit and reality of improved hearing. In addition, short-term free trials are always available.

The consultation is an informal conversation. First, we discuss the individual's personal hearing needs. Then we provide an explanation of the hearing evaluation results. Next, we talk about the prospective solutions and how to achieve them—including hearing instrument performance and price as well as maintenance.

Our overall aim is value. In essence, if the need is present, the best hearing help solution is possible in any circumstance.

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